Paleo Thai stirfry with prawns

A quick cooking and healthy dish.  The majority f the work comes at the beginning when you prep all the vegetables.  The potential combinations of vegetables to use are almost endless.  Let what is fresh or on special at  your local store or farmer’s market dictate what you will be tossing into your stir fry. … Read More

Steamed Halibut with Dill and Lemon

If you don’t own a bamboo steamer yet, please consider purchasing one. The bamboo wood imparts a wonderful asian flavor to the dishes that you prepare in it. This dish cooks quickly in aproximately 10 minutes so it can be done even on a busy weeknight. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS: 4ea 6oz Wild Caught Halibut Fillets… Read More

Halibut with Romesco Sauce

Romesco Sauce is a traditional North Eastern Spanish (Catalonia) sauce that historically is attributed to the fisherman of the region.  It is a staple in many Spanish homes which is obvious because of the number of variations in its recipe.  No two are alike and each family in Catalonia feels that their recipe is best. … Read More

Sashimi Salad

For a refreshing and light lunch, or even a wonderful spin on breakfast, this Paleo sashimi salad combines the simple elegance of sushi grade tuna with a tangy sweet berry, mango dressing that is both fiber packed and energizing. SERVES 1 INGREDIENTS: 4 oz Sushi Grade Tuna – Thawed 2 Cups Mixed Baby Salad Greens… Read More

Paleo River Trout

It looks complicated, but in reality, it is a quick and simple dish to prepare in under 30 minutes for a rushed weeknight dinner or a terrific weekend breakfast item.  If you leave the peel on the lemon and slice it extra thin, the whole thing is edible and a terrific source of vitamin C.… Read More