Grass Fed and Natural Meats

Earlier this week I made it out to The Meat Shop of Tacoma.  Aside from the two (not one!) flat tires I got somewhere along the journey, the rest of the trip was a success!  I was already familiar with their products from perusing their website numerous times, but until now had not had the… Read More

Roasted Sage Rubbed Turkey Breast

Well this is a classic case of getting hungry before I can find my camera.  Sorry for the shots of half carved meat!  In any case, we can take this opportunity to show an example of proper turkey carving.  As you can see from the second picture, I have been slicing the lobe in a… Read More

PALEO Chicken Stock

How many times have you made a recipe that called for just 4 or 8 oz of stock so you had to waste the rest of a 14oz can?  How many times have you tasted store bought canned chicken broth and thought “this canned stuff is sure salty and watery.”  How many times have you… Read More

Chicken Marsala

Here at we try to keep things simple and each recipe around 5-7 ingredients total.  Although this dish has well over 7 ingredients, your family will love this Paleo spin on a traditional Italian meal!  The secret is the fresh herbs and a real Marsala wine. Marsala is a sweet Italian dessert wine with… Read More