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It’s been a crazy, busy last few days here at the CavemanBistro. I have a huge update coming that will talk about the last few days including awesome Paleo food pics and recipes, great CrossFit WODS, and the fact that Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites came to the Tacoma Strength gym for an all day… Read More

A Bad Paleo Pantry

Once you’ve decided to adopt a Paleo lifestyle, a question that often comes up, is what to do with all your “bad” food?  Well, here is a photo of items from my current pantry.  As you can see, none of them are Paleo.  Now, in the back of my mind, I know that it all… Read More

lots and lots of dishes!

I hate doing the dishes and I cannot think why anyone would willingly say that they LOVE doing them.  But they are a necessary part of cooking, that is for sure.  No matter what, at our house there is always something that needs to be washed, and in the restaurant business and way back in… Read More

Yeah, I know… that’s what you were hoping the invitation would say “The Paleo Potluck.”  But is doesn’t… So now instead of citrus asparagus spears and roasted chicken with garlic, you have visions of huge bowls of Aunt Mildred’s mayo macaroni salad and your cousin Tanya’s German Roasted Potato Salad, and you with 3 pieces… Read More

Please dont think of Paleo as a diet – but more of a lifestyle change.  This key idea is the greatest part of adapting to a Paleo lifestyle!  Since Paleo is for the long term, then all of your hard work is not lost when you have a “traditional” meal one night, or devour some… Read More