buffalo sausage

Just a quick post to show you something that is super tasty.  Tonight I was making another batch of Ground Buffalo Jerky.  When all the trays were full, I had this little four ounce piece of ground meat left over.  That is for breakfast now! I have found that pan fried ground buffalo and jerky… Read More

Buffalo Jerky

JERKY – Ground Bison/Buffalo INGREDIENTS: 3 LBS. Ground Buffalo or Bison (Grass Fed) 2 TBS. Cumin –ground 2 TBS. Garlic Powder 2 TBS. Onion Powder 2 TBS. Paprika 1 TBS. Black Pepper – ground 1 TSP. Sea Salt 1 TSP. Cayenne Pepper SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Food dehydrator (aprox $60), Jerky Gun (Aprox $15) PROCEDURE: Combine all… Read More