Craig OHanlonCraig O’Hanlon grew up in Tacoma, Washington and graduated from Stadium High School. After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from the University of Washington in Seattle, Craig entered the Culinary Arts Program at South Seattle Community College where he earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Hospitality Production and Management. He spent many years in the restaurant industry serving at all levels including Executive Chef and General Manager.

After leaving the Food Service Production Industry, in late 2001 Craig opened Lawn d’Art Yardscaping, LLC, a 15 person Grounds Maintenance and Landscape Design/Build Contracting Company.

In January 2011, after experiencing great success at dramatically improving his own health and weight with a strict Paleo diet and active CrossFit lifestyle, Craig created Cavemanbistro to bring simple, elegant and exciting Paleo recipes to people interested in clean healthy eating without boredom.  Each recipe presented includes tips, tricks, suggestions and nutritional information to decrease your food prep time, increase your family time, and keep you on track to succeeding with a Paleo lifestyle. Please read his amazing story, presented by Tacoma Strength, by clicking HERE.

BEFORE PICS                   AFTER PICS
Craig O'Hanlon Before And After

“Cavemanbistro is not a restaurant, catering company or food service production facility. It is a virtual online cafĂ© where I discuss Paleo food preparation techniques and enjoying a healthy active lifestyle. Here we touch on topics such as CrossFit, locavoring, sustainability, and urban farming techniques like backyard chickens. Grab a Paleo snack, pull up a virtual chair, and join the conversation!” Craig O’Hanlon, Executive Chef

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