This morning Q had middle school jazz band practice at 715am. To get her ready to rock the Rhumba on her drumset, I quickly took the last New York Steak that I had dunked in the SousVide Supreme this past weekend, thin sliced it and fried it up in bacon fat with some super fresh backyard chicken eggs!

Sous Vide Steak

I have written before that when trying to adhere to a strict Paleo & Clean Eating life, you need to be careful when using spices, especially blends that you buy in the store. Spice companies are notorious for using additives, fillers and anti-caking agents in their blends, and often when they list the ingredients simply as “spices,” that is legal limbo for them to sneak in forms of MSG without telling you. To combat this problem, don’t be afraid to buy and mix your own spice blends. If you have the spices in the pantry, and the recipe at hand, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes max! Besides, if everyone is telling you that your dish is the best they’ve ever had, but you’re using a store bought spice blend for it, is it REALLY your dish? A homemade spice blend is your chance to make the dish your own! So, as a test for you to test your culinary powers, I’m going to list the ingredients to the spice blend below, but only in descending order of quantity. You get to experiment and fill in your own amounts of each spice. Like more garlic? then put more in! Cant stand paprika? Then leave it out! Have some fun with it.

Ive been tweaking some 80 or so spice blends for the last 20 years, and for these steaks I decided to try an old standby blend again: Montreal Seasoning. This ancient spice blend was originally created as a pickling style rub for smoked meats. Today we use it liberally on steaks for the grill.

Paprika (Sweet or Smoked? you decide!)
Crushed Black Pepper
Granulated Garlic (garlic powder will work fine!)
Toasted Granulated Onion (Onion powder will work fine!)
Crushed Coriander
Dill Weed
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Celtic Sea Salt

Have fun with it, and let me know how it turns out!

To complete the meal, I needed 1 store bought egg this morning. Can you see the difference between the 5 orange backyard egg yolks and the 1 anemic yellow store bought one up at the top? Real food is good stuff folks!

Backyard Eggs

Breakfast is served!

SousVide Steak and Eggs

After breakfast, I loaded up the Blendtec with a big pot of French press coffee, Grass fed German butter, Nutiva Coconut Oil, and Raw Cocoa Nibs to make my version of Bulletproof Coffee. Don’t know about adding butter to your coffee? Well then, check out the Bulletproof Executive website and prepare to be schooled! Totally creamy and satisfying.

Bullet Proof Coffee

After breakfast I rushed over to see Andrew and Brian at GrassFed Direct and pick up my order of GrassFed Beef Goodness: Suet, Marrow, Kidney, Stew Meat (gonna make some Steak and kidney pie next week!) And a nifty reusable recycled shopping bag! Thanks guys!

GrassFed Direct Meat

There was only time for a smoothie for lunch, whipped up in the Blendtec. Here is a post from a long time ago about my smoothie recipe. Make the base, add some fruit and suck it down after a WOD!

Then it was time to shop for Cavemanbistro! Check it out!

Cooking Cart

I bought a rolling cook top to keep at Tacoma Strength. Now I can expand my Paleo cooking classes! Nice! Stay tuned for more details about that in the near future!

For dinner we practiced our skill of making the best Paleo decisions we can when shopping in a deli. Bought a Metropolitan Market Roasted chicken and had a side of purple cabbage salad with apples and some chilled roasted carrots with a bite of feta. Washed it all down with a home taste test between my friend Candis’ excellent homemade Kombucha and this pretty tasty store bought one from Townshend’s Brew Dr. More to come about Kombucha down the road too.


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