In a hurry and need a quick easy meal on a warm summer weeknight? Look no further than a homemade Paleo Chicken Caesar Salad! Using a clean, store bought Roasted Chicken, some quick chopped Romaine lettuce and a few tomatoes for garnish, you can have a healthy summer salad ready for your family in minutes.

-2 Full heads of Romaine or 4 heads of Romaine hearts
-1 Whole Roasted Chicken (warm or chilled) All meat removed from bones and rough chopped to bite size pieces.
-1 Recipe of Creamy Paleo Caesar Salad Dressing (Aprox 8-10oz.)
-4 Roma Tomatoes
-Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano or Dutch Zola Cheese for grating (Optional)

Chop and Rinse lettuce. Drain well using a Salad Spinner. Remove meat from the bones of 1 whole roasted chicken. Remove skin if desired. Chop all meat into bite size pieces. Toss meat with lettuce and add dressing an ounce or two at a time until all ingredients are coated. Place mixed salad in decorative bowl and garnish with wedges of sliced tomato. Serve immediately. If desired, grate cheese and add fresh cracked black pepper to each serving. Enjoy!

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