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buffalo sausage

Just a quick post to show you something that is super tasty.  Tonight I was making another batch of Ground Buffalo Jerky.  When all the trays were full, I had this little four ounce piece of ground meat left over.  That is for breakfast now!

I have found that pan fried ground buffalo and jerky spices closely resembles chorizo sausage, due mainly to the cumin and paprika ingredients.  And when I am in Mexico, I always have chorizo sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast!  Tomorrow morning I will crumble and fry this little tasty patty in a skillet.  Then, when it is just about done, I will add two or three scrambled Omega 3 enriched eggs and cook them until light and fluffy.  Mixed with the sausage and served with hot sauce, it is a delicious start to the day.

The next time you make Ground Buffalo jerky, reserve yourself a bit of the meat for a tasty breakfast surprise!


dehydratorground jerky in the dehydrator


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  1. Jo Ann says:

    This is really good!!!

  2. It took me a little while, but I finally had the opportunity to try the “Paleo Buffalo Sausage Surprise”. (Finding buffalo here in Michigan was more of a challange than I expected.) All I can say about it is WOW!

    • Craig says:

      It IS a pretty tasty recipe! Feel free to add or subtract other ingredients and let us know how it comes out. I am surprised to hear that ground buffalo is hard to come by in Michigan. Even some of our non-paleo grocery stores, like Safeway, are carrying it here in Washington State. For national online grass fed meat orders through the web (high quality, OK prices, very reputable company) try US Wellness Meats at THANKS! Craig

  3. Patti Moffett says:

    Great site Craig!!! Will be telling our friends.

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