buffalo sausage

Just a quick post to show you something that is super tasty.  Tonight I was making another batch of Ground Buffalo Jerky.  When all the trays were full, I had this little four ounce piece of ground meat left over.  That is for breakfast now!

I have found that pan fried ground buffalo and jerky spices closely resembles chorizo sausage, due mainly to the cumin and paprika ingredients.  And when I am in Mexico, I always have chorizo sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast!  Tomorrow morning I will crumble and fry this little tasty patty in a skillet.  Then, when it is just about done, I will add two or three scrambled Omega 3 enriched eggs and cook them until light and fluffy.  Mixed with the sausage and served with hot sauce, it is a delicious start to the day.

The next time you make Ground Buffalo jerky, reserve yourself a bit of the meat for a tasty breakfast surprise!


dehydratorground jerky in the dehydrator


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