Yeah, I know… that’s what you were hoping the invitation would say “The Paleo Potluck.”  But is doesn’t… So now instead of citrus asparagus spears and roasted chicken with garlic, you have visions of huge bowls of Aunt Mildred’s mayo macaroni salad and your cousin Tanya’s German Roasted Potato Salad, and you with 3 pieces of heavy breaded cold KFC chicken.  To boot, you’ll probably try the green Jello mold with shredded carrots in it as a “light” alternative to the artificial Red Velvet cake someone brought.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!  Have no fear!

First, you have to bring something to the potluck, so let’s bring something healthy and Paleo with you – we’ll call it your ace in the hole! There will be at least one thing there you can eat – the food item you brought!  Click on our recipes for some ideas – maybe the Asian Cucumber Salad?

Now, when you get there, assess the whole potluck buffet right away.  What looks good? What looks dangerous? Also, go in to the party already knowing if this is a meal your not going to worry about eating Paleo, or were you already out the last 2 nights, and now you want to be a good Paleo caveman at the potluck?

Ok, hit the veggies!  Load em up!  Someone must have brought a platter of them somewhere.  Start here.  A large plate of vegetables to start will fill your stomach and make you less hungry.  Remember to avoid the IMO Ranch dip plopped right in the middle like a target!  Now, see the fruit.  Don’t take any now, just remember its there for later.

Now, attack the meats!  If it really is a potluck with cold fried chicken, grab some early – go for the breasts – don’t get stuck with a leg or thigh!  This is a matter of Paleo life and death man!  Realistically though, maybe pull off all the skin and breading before devouring your poultry.

If no chicken, grab a burger and wrap it in lettuce.  Don’t worry, you wont look weird. All your crazy Atkins relatives in the corner will be doing the same.  They’ll think you’re one of them, till later, when in front of them, you squeeze the last delicious drops of fresh fruit sections into your waiting mouth, then they’ll all wish they were cave people too!

Hopefully, this potluck/bbq is at your rich friend or cousin’s house – because that means you’re getting a steak baby!  And there is nothing better to a neo-caveman than a piece of charred meat!  Jackpot baby!

Go back for more veggies, maybe a few of the chilled shrimp too!  Check on the dish you brought – what do you mean it’s all gone already? Hmm, I guess these traditionalists can enjoy a healthy dish too.  Then, in the end, find a nice luscious piece of ripe fruit to finish off your evening.

It can be done!




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